Timothy Magarian

Profile Updated: May 16, 2010
Timothy Magarian
Spouse/Partner: Tracy
Where do you live?: Sartell, MN
Occupation: Pharmacist
Children: Thomas 11, Adam 9, Will 6, Allie 4, Olivia 2
Yes! Attending Reunion

They keep us busy, but smiling :)

Do you still have family in Fargo?


What would we be surprised to know about you?

We have 5 kids :)

What did you always want to do that you haven’t done yet?

Have 6 kids.....just kidding. Learn a 2nd language and play the piano better. As we all know time is limited, but I try to squeeze bits and pieces of these into some free time that pops up here and there.

Most Favorite School Story/Memory (True or Legend):

As everyone who knew me I wasn't the most athletic guy in our class nor did I get involved like I should have. My best memory soley for myelf was when I benched the highest weight in our gym class during weight training with Hugh Smith spotting me. It may sound kinda trivial, but it meant alot to a kid like me.

Least Favorite School Story/Memory (True or Legend):

Having to get glasses for the first time because I couldn't see the board. I got over it pretty quick, but the first realization that I needed to wear glasses didn't do alot for self-esteem. I was at least able to turn my grades around by the next semester since I was finally able to see the board.

Biggest thing you would do differently if you went back to your time at Fargo North?

Get involved more.....something we push our kids to do. I also wish I would have stayed in touch more with certain friends over the years. Some pretty great people graduated from our school who were what I consider very good friends that I lost touch with.....Chad Ehlert, Brad Hofman, Mike Flaherty, Dan Moore, MK........the list goes on. Time goes by too quick. I hope all is well with those who I have not been able to stay in regular contact with.

Favorite Band from our high school years?

Def Leopard

Who was your favorite teacher?

Mrs. Tidd

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Timothy Magarian has a birthday today.
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Timothy Magarian has a birthday today.
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Timothy Magarian has a birthday today.
Jan 30, 2016 at 3:33 AM
Timothy Magarian has a birthday today.
Jan 30, 2015 at 3:33 AM